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We like everyone else have been completely upset by the

COVID19 situation that has come to life over the past year.

We unfortunately like many other companies and activities had to stop

our sessions to keep everyone safe. 

Please see below our COVID 19 safety measures that we will be putting in place when we return. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we'll try our hardest to help. 


Please also note that GLJ Theatre must follow all instructions from our home venues so starting dates / ideas may need to change.

GLJ THEATRE COVID 19 safety measures



Resources to help children learn about coronavirus and how to keep themselves and others safe

Below are links to resources which may be helpful in supporting the children that attend your setting to learn about coronavirus (COVID-19) and promoting safety measures, such as frequent handwashing.

These links are given to us by the UK Government within the OUT OF SCHOOL protective measures guide. 

Horrid Hands

Super Sneezes

Hand Hygiene

Respiratory Hygiene


If you have any questions about our plans or ideas please feel free to contact us via

e-mail or facebook message.


GLJ Theatre has created a COVID 19 risk assessment which is available for anyone who wishes to see it at every session. 

We look forward to opening again soon.

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