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GLJ core

The great thing about theatre is that you can start at a very young age. Join GLJ MINI YOUTH THEATRE on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon at Glamis Hall, Wellingborough or Earls Barton Methodist Church as we explore theatre skills through fun games, music, movement and song!


GLJ MINI YOUTH THEATRE is designed to be a gentle introduction into theatre while developing confidence, communication skills and creativity!

At the end of the term friends and family are invited to a mini sharing of the young people’s work!

At the end of the term friends and family are invited to come and watch our free sharing of the young peoples work. 


Join us at GLJ YOUTH THEATRE as young members discover a wide variety of acting techniques, as well as creating brand new characters within every session.

Learn everything you need to know about the theatre through fun games, scripts and exercises - preparing every GLJ member to take part in our performance later in the year.


GLJ YOUTH THEATRE is the place to have fun, explore drama and create brand new scripts and scenes from scratch in a safe environment. Get hands on with costume, props and scripts from different artists. 


Join us every Tuesday at KINGSWAY for our brand new exciting session GLJ + session. This brand new group will give anyone the chance who wants to work in the professional world of theatre to take the next step. If you want to go to drama school we'll give you the chance to learn and explore new monologues and even create a short show-reel to use when auditioning. 

GLJ + will also give you the chance to create new shows from the ground up, explore skills on and off stage and discover new layers to scripted characters.

If you want to take to the stage as a professional one day or just build more theatre skills why not join our brand new GLJ +. 


Ready to feel the magic of theatre and join us at GLJ Theatre?
We have a session for everyone to enjoy! 


GLJ Mini Theatre (4-7yrs) 4pm - 4.45pm | GLJ Youth Theatre (7-16yrs) 5pm - 6.30pm | 

GLJ Community Show (7-18yrs) 6.30pm - 8.30pm


These sessions take place at Glamis Hall, Wellingborough


GLJ Middles Theatre (6-12yrs) 4.45pm - 6pm | GLJ CORE Theatre (13yrs+) 5pm - 6pm*

These sessions take place at Earls Barton Methodist

* GLJ Core Theatre takes place at Glamis Hall.

For more session information please have a look below or

e-mail glj@glamishall.org.uk 

Ready to join in the fun at GLJ THEATRE? 

Great all you need to do is contact a member of the GLJ THEATRE.

To book a place or for a FREE TRY IT session please e-mail glj@glamishall.org.uk
When you have contacted us you will be asked to fill in our registration form - we'll send you the term information and then you'll be ready to start! 

Please have a look below for more information about the next term and what you can expect from us every term! 

Autumn 2021 LETTER

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a bit for mum and dads

1.  At GLJ THEATRE all our Theatre Leaders and Senior Assistants are all DBS enhanced checked.

2. GLJ THEATRE will not let any young person leave the premises until a parent is present to pick up the child (unless a written letter is handed to a member of the GLJ TEAM at the start of each term). If a friend or another parent is collecting your child at the end of the session (to go home together etc) a member of the GLJ THEATRE team must be informed at the start of the session.

3. Please keep your emergency contact telephone on while your child is at GLJ THEATRE! We may need to get hold of you quickly!

4.Full term payments must be paid before the second session. Failure to pay by the second session will occur in losing your place. Please note no re-funds can be given / returned if your child chooses to leave us during the term - as this place has been taken by your child. (We hope they won't leave us.)

5. Weekly payments must be paid at the start of each session! A £10 refundable deposit will also be required at the start of the new term.  - this will be kept by GLJ THEATRE and returned the end of the term - if your child has attended each session. If your child is ill payment is still required for those sessions. Failure to pay any outstanding sessions / missed sessions will occur in losing the £10 refundable deposit.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our theatre team on glj@glamishall.org.uk or call 01933 677 326

Members extras


If you sign up to GLJ THEATRE, you will receive an exclusive GLJ MEMBERS CARD. On this card, there is 12 empty squares – each time you fill up all the squares you win a prize! This could be a FREE t-shirt or a discount at one of our extra sessions.


We’re very proud of all our GLJ THEATRE members and we know you’re all ready to hit the big stage! If you would like to take part in one of our community productions, you are guaranteed a place in the company (without auditioning) If you are ready to take on a specific role you’re then welcome to come along and audition.



If you become a GLJ Member you also have the chance to win the GLJ STAR – this is awarded to members who have worked hard during the month. If you win it three times – you get to keep it!



This may seem like an obvious one but a number of youth theatre’s can’t guarantee that your child will have a role or even a costume to wear. We at GLJ THEATRE will also make sure your child has been able to develop their character in detail and look the part on stage.


We’re known for our holiday activities and extra events and we want you to feel the magic – as a GLJ THEATRE member you will be able to use your card to receive discounts on holiday projects and extra events.

Information correct at the time of print.

GLJ Theatre has the right to change member extras at any time.


terms and conditions

At GLJ THEATRE we recognise and take seriously our duty of care with regards to our policies and procedures that are designed to ensure the safety of children and young people in our care. All our leaders are DBS checked. Please read the following information and sign at the bottom of the page. Without this page being signed your child will NOT be able to take part within our theatre sessions.


Parental consent

  • I give permission for the person named in this registration form to participate in GLJ THEATRE activities delivered by The GLJ Team and visiting artists / specialists.

  • I recognise that while The GLJ Team will exercise careful supervision of the children and young people in their charge, they cannot be held responsible for any incidents that arise due to the child or young person’s own negligence or inappropriate behaviour.

  • I understand that The GLJ THEATRE Team are responsible for the participants during the session time.


Outside of session times we cannot guarantee supervision so please do not leave children on the premises before the session starts unless they are accompanied by a member of The GLJ Theatre Team. Also it is very important that parents / guardians collect their child at the agreed finishing time of the session. We request that all workshop participants below the age of 16 are picked up from GLJ THEATRE premises.


At GLJ THEATRE we engage in the following press and media activities:

  • Take photographs and videos of rehearsal and performance projects for our promotional and social media.   

  • We encourage visits by photographers / reporters who photograph and interview members and include their name and area they are from in print.


This generates coverage for local, regional and national media. Our / Glamis Hall / EB Methodist team(s) will also visit GLJ THEATRE projects to generate promotional material including their websites, flyers, displays, archive and press coverage. By signing the conditions, I give permission for my child to be included in press and media activities.

Please note these images may be used for marketing materials after the participant has left GLJ THEATRE. If you wish your child not to be included in any photos or videos a written letter must be handed over to the Artistic Director explaining your choice on this matter.


The information that you have provided will be stored by The GLJ THEATRE team and will not be shared with any other parties unless needed for the UK Government Track and Trace.