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“GLJ Theatre creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for each and every child and immerses them into the story telling experience.”


We’re excited to tell you about GLJ THEATRES latest THEATRE experience “

GLJ STORYTIME”. The team that helps audiences and participants FEEL THE MAGIC OF THEATRE is bringing an EARLY YEARS experience to a setting near you! GLJ STORYIME uses all the senses to journey through a classic tale, and allows the children to naturally develop their understanding and enjoyment for the adventure within the story.


So, other than a telling a story what else does this experience develop?


The GLJ STORYTIME team loves getting the children involved with the adventure as much as possible, and by allowing children to get hands on with the tale they can help tell the story, sing songs and join in with phrases and key words.

We also know that by the GLJ STORYTIME team not using a traditional book to tell the story this helps the young people to follow the story more easily”)

We also know the experience helps the children to discover their own space and engage in the story as little or as much as they want to. This helps them gain an individual experience – an experience that is like no other. The GLJ team are professionally trained to develop a story around the needs / ages of the children within the session. Anything could happen in a live performance and GLJ THEATRE treats these sessions as a live performance! No young person can spoil the story – it only adds to the adventure!


How does this relate to the EYFS?


In a GLJ STORYTIME session discussion is encouraged as much as possible, whether this be shouting out for the baddy, singing the songs with the hero or offering a comment about the story - all communication is valuable.

Within the story some turn taking elements are also put in to practice, like stirring the pot of magic for the witch or touching / planting the magic beans for jack. We find this helps the children understand the story in a practical manner.

We understand that from a young age, children enjoy listening to stories especially when adults use their “character” voices, noises and songs to tell them.

As previously stated our GLJ STORY TELLERS have experience working with a range of ages, locations and stories. The same story can be told in many different ways - with the use of simple words and language for younger audience or those with additional needs or even EAL. More expressive and descriptive words can be used for older children, adding rhyming and longer sentences. Not only does it develop the language for the young people but also helps with imagination - allowing them to re-create the story or create ideas on what could happen next - or even spark the next story within them.

Storytime is all about language and imagination it can also help with mathematics by encouraging counting and comparison in size. It can also help discover the world around them - through the movement and dance.


We don’t just tell a story – we go on a magical adventure!



we've ever seen!"

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