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We pride ourselves in helping everyone to find the MAGIC OF THEATRE in a safe and fun environment.

That magic could be found at one of our workshops or even watching one of our shows. The magic can even be found at one of our special bingo events or online in our new cyber plays! Now things are starting to get back to normal we're proud to restart our weekly session in Northamptonshire.

So now it's your chance to take CENTRE STAGE and perform on stage! 

We're one of the fastest growing local theatre companies around! Since opening our doors in 2015 GLJ THEATRE has grown from strength to strength opening new youth theatre sessions in Northamptonshire, relaunching the Wellingborough Community Show, taking to the road for school workshops and even to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Are you ready to feel the magic of theatre? 

Go further down on this page​ to find more information about our groups and classes. 

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"GLJ Theatre has Enthusiastic Leaders"

Parents comments 




The great thing about theatre is that you can start at a very young age. Join GLJ MINI YOUTH THEATRE on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon at Glamis Hall, Wellingborough or Earls Barton Methodist Church as we explore theatre skills through fun games, music, movement and song!


GLJ MINI YOUTH THEATRE is designed to be a gentle introduction into theatre while developing confidence, communication skills and creativity!

At the end of the term friends and family are invited to a mini sharing of the young people’s work!

At the end of the term friends and family are invited to come and watch our free sharing of the young peoples work. 

Join us at one of our sessions

GLJ MINI THEATRE (4yrs - 7yrs)

Mondays: 4pm – 4.45pm

Location: Glamis Hall, Wellingborough

Ready to join in the fun at GLJ THEATRE? 

To book a place or a FREE TRY IT session please e-mail glj@glamishall.org.uk








Join us at GLJ YOUTH THEATRE as young members discover a wide variety of acting techniques, as well as creating brand new characters within every session. Learn everything you need to know about the theatre through fun games, scripts and exercises - preparing every

GLJ member to take part in our performance later in the year. GLJ YOUTH THEATRE is the place to have fun, explore drama and create brand new scripts and scenes from scratch in a safe environment. Get hands on with costume, props and scripts from different artists. 

Join us at one of our sessions

GLJ YOUTH THEATRE (7yrs - 16yrs)

Mondays: 5PM - 6.30PM

Location: Glamis Hall, Wellingborough

GLJ MIDDLES THEATRE (6yrs - 12yrs)
Tuesdays: 4.45pm - 6pm
Location: Earls Barton Methodist Church

Ready to join in the fun at GLJ THEATRE? 

To book a place or a FREE TRY IT session please e-mail glj@glamishall.org.uk




Ready to join our brand new

Teen and Adult group!


GLJ CORE THEATRE is the latest GLJ offering for Wellingborough – giving young aspiring actors

the opportunity to prepare for the professional

world of theatre.

Members will be given the chance to get hands

on with age appropriate scripts, explore character

types and prepare for drama school auditions.

GLJ CORE THEATRE will also give members the opportunity to take centre stage in our seasonal productions as the leads! Giving each actor the opportunity to gain more on stage experience,

guidance and knowledge.


For more information please e-mail glj@glamishall.org.uk

Join us for our brand new session;

GLJ CORE ( 13yrs + )

Tuesdays: 7pm - 8pm

Location: Kingsway Centre (starting 2022)

To book a place or a FREE TRY IT session please

e-mail glj@glamishall.org.uk






GLJ Theatre belives that everyone should have the chance to take to the stage and feel the magic of theatre. With the continued support of Glamis Hall we're able to host a number of community productions throughout the year.

We're proud to present the WELLINGBOROUGH COMMUNITY SHOW on behalf of the town after funding stopped the project taking place at the local theatre. 

GLJ Theatre have now presented six community theatre productions and has worked with over 200 people on stage and backstage. 

The GLJ Community Theatre Show are FREE to take part in BUT all members must audition to take part in the show. Successful members are then invited to rehearsals on a Monday evening.

Community productions coming up in 2022



a little more info

Gary L Johnson opened GLJ THEATRE in September 2015 and the company has grown ever since. GLJ THEATRE loves to discover and create theatre through a fun and relaxed environment where everyone is welcome to become creative!


Gary himself was a member of his local youth theatre and theatre company (at The Castle, Theatre) before moving on to train professionally.

Gary said “The best way to learn the key skills of acting / theatre is by taking part in group exercises and playing lots and lots of fun games! It just makes everyone relax and get along very quickly… After the group has relaxed the young people pick up the important theatre techniques

very quickly."


Gary along with the help of GLAMIS HALL and

THE EARLS BARTON METHODIST CHURCH have made all sessions affordable for everyone (and we have plenty of packages to continue to support through your GLJ adventure)


So why not join "THE BEST... (so our members say) ...



Please feel free to have a look around at what work we do!

If you have any other questions

please e-mail glj@glamishall.org.uk