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GLJ Mini Theatre is the perfect way for children to enter the world of theatre. Our unique mini-theatre is a scaled-down version of a real theatre, designed to be interactive and engaging for young children. With a range of themed shows and events that they can take part in, GLJ Mini Theatre is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for young theatre-lovers.

Members will have the opportunity to perform on stage in our end of term sharing. 

GLJ Mini Theatre does offer a FREE TRY IT session for all new members. To book a session please email 

Please see our term times below...


Perfect for 4yrs - 7yrs

Mondays: 4.15pm – 5pm

Location: Glamis Hall, Wellingborough


Term Dates for 2024

GLJ Mini Theatre 

Mondays: 4.15pm - 5pm at Glamis Hall, Wellingborough

Autumn Term 2024
Week 1: Monday 2nd September 

Week 2: Monday 9th September

Week 3: Monday 16th September

Week 4: Monday 23rd September

Week 5: Monday 30th September

Week 6: Monday 7th October

Week 7: Monday 14th October

Week 8: Monday 21st October

HALF TERM (Monday 28th October)

Week 9: Monday 4th November 

Week 10: Monday 11th November

Week 11: Monday 25th November

Week 12: Monday 2nd December

Please note that our Autumn term will be FREE for anyone who lives on the QUEENSWAY or VICTORIA WARD (Wellingborough). 
Or £25 for for everyone else!  



a little more info

Gary L Johnson opened GLJ THEATRE in September 2015 and the company has grown ever since. GLJ THEATRE loves to discover and create theatre through a fun and relaxed environment where everyone is welcome to become creative!


Gary himself was a member of his local youth theatre and theatre company (at The Castle, Theatre) before moving on to train professionally.

Gary said “The best way to learn the key skills of acting / theatre is by taking part in group exercises and playing lots and lots of fun games! It just makes everyone relax and get along very quickly… After the group has relaxed the young people pick up the important theatre techniques

very quickly."


Gary along with the help of GLAMIS HALL have made all sessions affordable for everyone (and we have plenty of packages to continue to support through your GLJ adventure)


So why not join "THE BEST... (so our members say) ...



Please feel free to have a look around at what work we do!

If you have any other questions

please e-mail 

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